Top 3 Road Trip Mistakes You Should Avoid

Going on a road trip is an amazing way to discover new places, relax on the open road, and bond with friends or family. But there are a few common traps that people fall into both before and during the trip. So before you head out, check out these top road trip mistakes you should avoid.

Forgetting to get a vehicle tune-up

It’s always a good idea to get a full tune-up before going on a road trip. Schedule one at Wilson Buick GMC in Stillwater, Oklahoma, a week or two before you depart so our factory-trained technicians can ensure your ride works properly while you’re on the road.

Too much planning

It’s tempting to plan every aspect of a trip to ensure you don’t miss out and make the most of the time away from home. But that can leave no room for spontaneous activities. Leave wiggle room in your plans for deviations that could turn into your trip’s most memorable moments.

Not taking enough breaks

Road trips can easily become stale and uncomfortable if you don’t take any breaks. A big part of the experience is stopping for roadside attractions and giving yourself the opportunity to stretch your legs. That said, driving a roomy Buick SUV can help boost comfort all throughout.

Wherever you’re heading, road trips are always better with a high-quality car. Visit Wilson Buick GMC in Stillwater, Oklahoma, to check out our awesome lineup of high-tech, spacious, and comfortable rides!

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