Midterm Studying Tips

Studying Tips | Stillwater, OK

You can always tell when midterms are approaching because every college student starts chewing their fingernails, drinking more coffee, sleeping less. Fret not college brethren and sisters. Here are a few midterm studying tips to help you ace those exams so you can focus on the joys of being home for the holidays.

  1. Bring your books with you everywhere

You never know when you’re going to get a few minutes to yourself, perhaps in a waiting room, and sometimes fifteen minutes is all you need to memorize a few terms or solve a few test prep questions. This is especially true if you are doing any traveling for the holidays, as long car trips are perfect opportunity to do some serious reading.

  1. Find an isolated place to study

This doesn’t always necessarily mean hiding behind the stacks in the library; perhaps you just got a new car for Christmas. Drive it to a quiet library, coffee shop, or other solitary place where you can get some studying in a distractions-free environment.

  1. Take a drive

Make sure to take a study break from time to time, to help you stay sane from now until midterms.  Going for a leisurely drive is an easy way to do this.

Good luck on your midterms from all of us here at Wilson Buick GMC. Stop by to test-drive your favorite Buick or GMC vehicle, if you’re in need of a fun study break.  

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